How can I participate?

We are always looking for new mural projects or donations, but being an education program we do not take community volunteers.


01. We are an education program first and foremost that employs students, we are unable to take community volunteers for our projects.

02. Donate via PayPal.

03. Come to our mural reveal parties and our annual Flannel Fest Fundraiser.

How can I get a mural?

Email us with an inquiry and/or to set up a consultation. Consultation fee requests will be sent through PayPal.
Serious inquiries only.


01. Email us with interest.

02. Set up a consultation.

03. Pay the consultation fee via PayPal.

04. A beautiful mural appears.

How much does an average mural cost?

Murals on average cost $5 to $15 per square foot depending on equipment, material needs, artist fees, etc.


01. Consultation for a mural is $50 non-refundable through paypal.

02. Murals on average cost $5 to $15 per square foot.

03. The average cost in Akron for a large billboard (672 sq ft) to rent is $1,500 to $5,000 per month. Art Bomb’s average mural size is 2x the size of a large billboard and is site specific for your business or organization!

04. Not to mention, you get an EPIC original piece of artwork!

Does Art Bomb only create murals for Akron?

We predominantly create murals for the greater Akron region, though art bomb takes commissions for outside work and enjoy branching out


01. We like Akron. You should too. Help us make it beautiful.

How long do murals last?

Murals can last for decades, but up to ten years at a similar vibrancy is to be expected, unless they are in really hard hitting sun or a heavy weather spot.


01. Sometimes the surface area plays a factor in that, as well.

02. We always assess the walls first to make sure wherever we are painting has the best chance to stay vibrant for the longest period of time.

03. We want them to last for much longer for everyone.

Who preps the wall?

The owner of the wall, so you.


01.  Art Bomb is not responsible for mural site preparations or costs associated with said preparations. 

02. The property owner is expected to powerwash and prime the mural site and make sure it is in good condition prior to the start of any mural.

Is there an approximate timeline for mural completion?

Well... that depends.


01. Murals take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months, depending on the structure of the program or the scope of each project.

02. Consultation is required to determine timeline.

03. Contact us so we can get a better idea!

When would payment be due if Art Bomb is hired?

50% down, 50% at completion


01. A deposit in the amount of 50% of the total project will be required to secure services for the duration of the project. 

02. All remaining balances will be paid upon completion of work.

Who takes care of the murals?

Property owners where murals reside are responsible for all future upkeep


01. It's up to you!

02. We have faith in you!

03. You can do it!