We are Art Bomb Brigade

Art Bomb Brigade is a local community mural arts and education program run by the Myers School of Art at the University of Akron. Founded by UA faculty Elisa Gargarella and Marissa McClellan, Art Bomb arms UA students and alumni with paint brushes and spray cans who “muralize” highly trafficked sites regionally.

Our Founders

Elisa Gargarella

Director, Project Manager and co-creator

Marissa McClellan

Assistant Director, Project Manager and co-creator

Our Story

Mural bombs executed by our highly successful design team experienced in working with community partners create large scale imagery that reflects, connects with and enhances the physical landscapes and built environments around Akron. While creating a lasting impression of growth, possibility, imagination, and local pride, the Art Bomb Brigade is hell bent on taking over the city’s built environment, its forgotten spaces, its walkways and trails, its underpasses and its streets with high impact public art.

Chosen out of over 500 entries by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation’s Knight Arts Challenge, Art Bomb serves as an exemplary way to generate curiosity, invigorate local economies, promote interaction among non-traditional audiences in public areas, and draw new visitors to Akron communities.

Art Bomb Brigade murals have become landmarks in the region with works housed at the Downtown Laundromat, Barberton Library, Community Support Services of Summit County, Chill Ice Cream Company, the Akron Sustainer, Echogen and in Akron’s Historic Arts and Cultural District.

We hope that the public art we’ve generated will inspire many small enterprises and non-profits to invest in the creative assets of our region’s young people and local artists and to building a more interesting, culturally and economically-rich city.

Our Projects

Student Driven

Projects are semester long projects lead by University of Akron students. Students work with fine arts faculty and art education faculty to develop and implement large scale murals in collaboration with community stakeholders to develop ideas for site specific projects and explore design concepts that aid nonprofits and for-profits in branding, marketing, and celebrating their missions. This community arts course serves as a vehicle for helping students of all disciplines consider the content of art in the context of exploring fundamental individual, environmental, and societal issues through community based and experiential learning projects.

Artist Driven

Projects are commissioned murals that employ a lead artist and a righteous team of University of Akron Alumni. Artist Driven projects are also supported by a Project Manager to help coordinate each individual mural. Each mural is uniquely different and site specific. They are brightly colored and aligned with local cultural, landmarks, history, and are designed to draw maximum crowds to a business or location. Art Bomb contributes to the creative reimagining/branding for spaces all around the city. Artist Driven projects may include a site consult and fee.